Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friendly Competition.....

    Here is something cool my wife and I do.  We don't get to Hunt and Fish together much. Well she is not that much of a hunter. She is more of a spectator, but loves to fish.  When she and I get an oppurtunity to fish, we create a little wager.  I consider myself a far superior angler, so naturally nearly everytime we fish together she smokes me.  A few months ago she and I had a chance to fish on Lake Barkley during the spring spawn.  We borrowed my brother's boat and began looking for shallow water crappie. Our ongoing bet for the last two years was, whoever catches a two pound or better crappie while fishing together could get it mounted. More than just mounted, it would have a small plaque explaining the feat. Well here is the winner.....2.13lb congrats I guess.


  1. Awh thanks Katie.. You're just saying that because it's true 😘Lol.. That's the look of complete victory!! Thanks for taking me fishing on that beautiful day darin. That bad boy is going to look soooo good on our mantle!!!

  2. Just keep rubbing it in! Salt in the wound.