Saturday, November 28, 2015

No boat and minimum tackle!

   There are those days, when limited on time, you can have really productive fishing trips.  I posted a couple of pics in the fishing page of two such days. Both days were short notice and really didn't have any expectations of success. Sometimes those days are the best. The two pictures are from Kentucky Dam. This fishery is a wonderful resource. I live only 30-45 minutes from there, and it makes for an quick fix for my fishing itch. The best part is, I have fished there for so long I can usually catch fish with little effort. Even better, it does not require a fisherperson to have a boat or much tackle.  I love being on the water, but I enjoy fishing like this as well. It is stress free and inexpensive! Find some water close to you and figure out how to fish it when you do not have much time and do not want to haul tons of equipment with you. You may find a new favorite way to fish!


  1. I have spent my entire life fishing in the same manner as Darin has. In fact he and I have done much of that fishing together. I can say with out a doubt some of the best fishing I have ever done and most of the best fish I have ever caught has been on the rocks below KY and Barkley Dams. In fact I have a beautiful 6 pound small mouth on my wall I caught on a crappie jig on a snowy February day

  2. Man that was a fun day. We were just wanting to get out of the house and you caught a gorgeous fish. Prettiest smalley I have ever seen!