Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Keep An Open Mind If You Want To Fish

Despite having torrential rains, I still wanted to get some fishing in.  Most of the spots I frequent were either flooded out or the water looked like chocolate milk, so I started calling around to others I fish with.  A good friend of mine let me know he had been catching fish, and more so, fish out of the ordinary for me.  He began to explain that he and his father-in-law had been catching limits of trout! He reminded me that the local parks in the colder months stock their ponds with rainbows, and that they had been capitalizing on that. I made a quick trip over to meet them and we caught nearly three limits of trout and a nice crappie in less than ideal conditions. I know this isn't as exciting as the blast off of a FLW tournament, but I sure had a great time.  So here is a look at the first trout I have ever caught in Kentucky!