Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When to shoot a doe.....

We had just found a doe that my buddy Rocco from Louisiana shot while hunting in here in Kentucky.  Every year some of my Cajun friends come up to hunt.  As I had mentioned in my blog "Here Goes", we were hunting on about 80 acres.  It has been my experience that it doesn't take long to bugger up your hunting spots when they are small like that, even more so when multiple hunters are there.  Each year we hunt together, we have a dilemma.  On one hand they want to take back lots of meat to Louisiana for sausage and ground meat, on the other hand we don't shoot immature bucks and would like to kill a big buck. Let's face it, I've never seen a bunch of hunters standing around a truck bed looking starry-eyed over a cow horn spike.  So to solve the problem we try to analyse the weather and deer movement to decide when it would be best to take some does with as little effect on the property as possible.  We watch the weather and look for rain.  Deer just know when people have been walking through there living room and bedrooms especially when you announce yourself with gun fire! We try to shoot does just before rain, as it seems to wash  away much of your presence. If there is little chance of rain, we sometimes wait until the temperature jumps up and deer movement slows down.  Like most hunters, we reserve those cold crisp still days for looking for antlers.  Maybe this will help you decide when to shoot does if you have a similar situation.  D

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