Wednesday, January 13, 2016

End of Deer Season for Me

   This is a selfie from my last deer hunt of the year.  It is always a little bitter sweet for the season to come to an end.  By the end of each season I have fulfilled my urge to deer hunt, at least for a little while, and most of the people I hunt with have either gone home or are back to family life. So, by the end of the season I am kind of looking forward to some of the other hobbies I have like spring turkey season, fishing, and metal detecting for hidden treasure.  That is the sweet part.  Here is the bitter part of bitter sweet.  I have had so much fun this past season.  I got back to doing what makes hunting fun for me.  Hunting season means get-togethers for me and my family, seeing people who I love to hang out with that may not be possible with the hustle and grind of everyday life.  Notice I left friends out of it, that is because I am so close to the people I share my season with, they are family to me.  Lots of work went into the preparation of deer season, and sitting on stand the last time of the season, it seems like a long time before I get to experience it all again.
   With that being said, I had a great season. As I mentioned before, I got back to having fun while hunting.  I dropped all of those out of reach standards I had from watching hunting shows, and just enjoyed what I had to hunt! I did put out my first food plots with my buddy Eric.  I don't normally do stuff like that, because I simply don't have the resources to do so. It was cool to see how he approached it, and see the finished result. I was hunting over one of the food plots the last day.  I normally have a couple friends from Louisiana come up to hunt rifle season with me.  This year there was a bonus! We were blessed to have two more of our extended families make the trip and we had a blast!
    I got a great buck about five days into modern gun season after losing a really good buck opening weekend.  Unfortunately, we didn't kill some of the bigger deer we had pictures of, but lots of deer meat headed south to Louisiana to be made into smoked sausage and ground meat! Here are some of the photos of this years hunts.

                                                      A buck I am super pleased with!

 Me and Eric trying to kill a turkey on video with a crossbow. Got Busted by a hen at 10 yards.

Eric's buck. He had about 3 days total to hunt this year due to work. Glad he got to put some meat in the freezer.

Caught up with that hen in Fall shotgun season.
Rocco's first deer!

Audrey's first deer!

Mike and Haley enjoying beautiful Kentucky weather.

   Every year I tell myself that I am going to make more preparations, check cameras more, hunt more, but I never do.  Life is just busy like that.  I have no complaints though. I had a safe, fun and successful deer season.  The best part was spending so much time with so many wonderful people.  I'm already looking forward to next season! Well, once I kill a big ol' Tom and catch a bushel basket of crappie! D


  1. ❤️ This post!!!!
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  2. What a great, REAL post. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, enjoyed your friends and family and forgot about all those unreachable standards they set on hunting shows. Looking forward to seeing how turkey season and fishing goes!