Friday, January 15, 2016

Making Room in the Freezer


    I don't know if y'all are like me, but I go hunting and fishing and take the time and effort to prepare my harvest for the freezer.  I am pretty good at that.  My wife is not a huge fan of wild game and fish, so I am meticulous when cleaning the meat to insure she don't get a surprise when we cook it.  We can't find a piece of shot or a scale, or the meal takes a sudden turn toward pizza night! LOL. To be honest I don't won't to find it either, kind of a pride thing.  Where I seem to be lacking in all of my efforts to hunt, fish, and provide table fare is cooking it.  We are the busy family with kids and jobs.  Many times my wife and I get home from work and after rounding up all the kids, realize we haven't planned dinner.  Then we begin the scramble of trying to throw together a meal or negotiating for who is going to get take out, all the while our freezer is loaded with game. 
    Sadly, packages of game get lost in the freezer over time until they don't appear appetizing. Then another seasons harvest gets added to the mix.   Really, that is unacceptable and this year I am going to make an effort to reduce our inventory.  With turkey season and the spring crappie spawn just around the corner, I am going to try to start with those two first.  I would suggest the same for anyone who is dealing with this problem at home.  With a little planning and better organization of the freezer, hopefully I can better use the game meat I have worked so hard for.  I just posted a good looking recipe for wild turkey in the recipe page, check it out!  D

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