Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Page: Dad for a Day


   I am going to start a new page called Dad for a Day.  I realized that I started this blog to not only get me re-invigorate in my passion toward outdoor activities, but to also help people improve their experiences when they are doing those same activities. 
   It occurred to me that many of my posts are geared more towards my peers.  What I mean by that is, people who are around my skill level and have about the same experience as I do.  I was lucky enough to have a mom and dad who encouraged and taught me the basics of hunting, fishing, and camping.  We seemed to always be out enjoying the outdoors as a family, and I grew to love it as well as learn lots of skills. Once I became a young adult, I honed those skills with my brother and friends who were out doing the same things as me. I learned and improved skills like choosing the right tackle for certain species of fish, gun safety, how to shoot different guns, and operating a boat safely. After becoming an adult, I began to share my knowledge with others.  One of my favorite things to do is introduce kids to all of the outdoor activities I like to do, so my friends and I would let kids we knew tag along with us. The biggest part of that is teaching them a basic foundation of skills and knowledge so they can safely get started in enjoying the outdoors on their own. There are many people who need the most basic information to get started.
   I started this page to help those of you who may not have that basic foundation, or confidence to get started hunting, fishing, or camping and would like to. You may be an adult wanting to get started in an outdoor activity, or a parent who is wanting to spend time with your kids outdoors.  Whatever your situation, I am going to be posting basic information about hunting, fishing, and camping. I would like for you and your family to have the knowledge and confidence to get outdoors and enjoy making memories as I have.  Feel free to comment on specific topics you have questions about. D

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