Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dad for a Day: Lots going on

    A friend of mine reminded me the other day that the winter lull is all but over.  There is a lot of outdoor activities about to crank up! For anyone looking to get into hunting, fishing, or camping, now is the time to be gathering up the things you need. 
    I will start with hunting, because most of the things to do now is still prep work with the exception of spring turkey season. Turkey season has already begun in the deep south and just a week away here in Kentucky.  I am running late on preparation for turkey season due to work.  I should have already patterned my shotgun, been practicing with my calls, and spent time watching birds in the field.  I will be playing catch up on those things so I might have more encounters with those strutters! Besides turkey season, now is time to be putting out minerals for deer if you are into that stuff.  Antlers will be growing soon and putting out minerals to improve that can't hurt.  While you are out putting out minerals, keep an eye out for sheds.  Around here, the deer should have already dropped those racks.  I rarely shed hunt, but this year me and a friend put out antler traps.  We had little success with it , but work kept us away.  None-the-less, those bucks drop their antlers every year and it is cool to find them. If you are gearing up for turkey season, the wait is almost over.  Be safe and have fun!  Fishing is looking up too!
     Despite heavy local rains which have kept the water temps, clarity, and levels unstable, people in my circle are catching some fish.  People are catching crappie as they move to shallower water.  They are just a few consecutive warm days from their major spawn.  In fact, my brother caught some big females a couple days ago that looked to be spawned out.  I noticed a few boats catching good strippers below Ky and Barkley Dam drifting baits along the bottom.  If you pond fish, keep in mind that those shallower ponds and small lakes warm up much faster than the lakes.  So if you want some fast action, pond fishing should be great right now with fish right up on the banks.  Speaking of nice weather, camping season is close too.
    If you like to tent camp, start gathering up the things you will need.  The weather here is still dipping into the 40s and that is a little cool for me and my bunch, but great weather is just a couple weeks away.  Spring break is next week for us, so we are going to try to get a couple days in at Land Between the Lakes.   I will try to get a check list out for anyone who would like to try it out.  Things that we have learned or picked up over the years to make camping much more enjoyable and stress free (if there is such a thing).  Oh hey, I almost forgot!!!!! If you are out shed hunting, turkey hunting, camping, or a combo of all three, be on the look out for Moral mushrooms! If ya don't know what they are research them.  They are crazy good and easy to identify.  Let  me emphasize, do your homework!  I am not a mushroom guru. Honestly, I am pretty spooky about eating wild plants, but these are easy to identify.  Some may already be up, and would be a great addition to a turkey dinner.
    Have fun this spring and be safe!  Keep up with my blog, if you are getting into some outdoor activities.  I hope to have lots of How-To articles on Dad for a Day. D


  1. Yay!! Great post and great to hear from Average Dude again. Definitely share your camping checklist. We're going to do some tent camping this summer.

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