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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Baked Rainbow Trout


   So I have been posting about fishing for rainbow trout in lakes/ ponds located in local parks like Noble Park in Paducah, Ky and Mike Miller Park in Draffenville, Ky.  I personally like to fish bigger bodies of water, but recent rainfall left the water at my favorite spots super muddy and too much current to fish.  For years, I heard about the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources stocking rainbow trout in the local parks during the winter months.  Me and a couple friends decided to catch a few.  The weather was just too nice for late December to not be fishing!  Keep in mind, I had never caught a trout, much less tried to cook one.  So some digging on google resulted in multiple recipes.  This is the one I chose.

3 Rainbow Trout (these are about 10 inches with head)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemons (sliced thin)
1 Cup Pinot Noir

Nothing complicated here.  I cut the heads off the fish and gutted them. Something I didn't know about was the blood line under the spine.  I used a fillet knife to slice the membrane keeping the blood in. Pretty easy to do.

The blue is the blood line on the left, the right has blood line removed.

    I placed a large piece of foil in a baking pan and spread some EVOO on it.  Next, I sliced 2 lemons thin and placed three slices in the foil for each fish in the pan.  I sprinkled salt and pepper in the open cavity.  After seasoning the cavity, I rubbed the fish down with the olive oil and placed them in the in the baking pan on the lemons.  The left over lemon slices, I placed in the fish's cavity and one or two on top of the fish.  The only thing I added to this recipe was sprinkling dill weed in and on the fish. Lastly, I added a cup of Pinot Noir wine to the pan.  Credit my wife with having that wine on hand. Average dude would have probably had Boone's Farm on hand! LOL  After everything was seasoned, I used another piece of foil to create a nice tight seal around the fish by crimping the two pieces of foil together.

   With the oven pre-heated at 350, I slid the dish in and set the timer for 28 minutes.  The web site called for 30-35 min, but my trout were considerably smaller than the fish on the web site.  When 28 minutes were up, I took the dish out and carefully opened it.  The fish was flaky and smelled great, done.  I added one fish to my plate to go with a salad my wife made the day before.  I poured a glass of wine, and it was complete.

My first trout dinner!
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Monday, November 30, 2015